Thursday, June 29, 2006

Free Food & Fights

Today my office had a catered lunch from Teatro Goldoni, and my roommate got in a fight with her boy so we went out to dinner and drinks. And therefore, today was NOT a good day.

100 calorie snack pack - ritz snack mix
(in lieu of the donuts in the office and the usual weight control oatmeal I have)

chicken parmesan w/ eggplant
baked ziti (no cheese)
polenta (a couple bites)
small serving of tiramisu (I don't even really like it)
2 small slices baguette

chips and spinach con queso
1/2 grilled chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese, and scallions
french fries
1/2 of s'mores sundae
low calorie lemonade and water

Estimated calories: 2,000
Calories burned: None

Lesson: Free food from a fabulous gourmet restaurant is hard to pass up!


Blogger Stef said...

Office food is always such a challenge! Everyone else is eating it and celebrating, and if you don't take part sometimes it seems like you're not a team player. And depending on where you work, you don't necessarily want to annouce to everyone that you're dieting. I totally understand needing to have a few bites....

4:00 AM  

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