Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Trials

Balance Bar Gold Crunch - chocolate mint (210 calories)

Grilled chicken breast
1/2 stuffed baked potato (almost all of the top layer - with cheese, sour cream, chives)
1/4 spanakopita
(all from Giant's deli)

Marie Callender's Turkey Pot Pie (530 calories) - turkey, peas, carrots in sauce w/ crust...not good for you but goooood
lite cranberry juice

Estimated calories: 1,350
Calories burned: none (I was home baking and shouild have gone to the gym but chose not to...bad!)

Lesson: Not that bad of a day...must go to gym tomorrow though! Maybe over the weekend too...

I avoided going out to Ben & Jerry's after lunch - even if it was for sugar free ice cream! Probably a lot of fat anyway...


Blogger Thicky said...

where are you??? How is it going??? I am checking on you!!

3:16 PM  
Blogger Tuco said...

Hi Asian! Love the republican = elephant and democrats as a good piece of ass joke! : )
Lots of diet info - what about exercise?

1:58 AM  

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